Craftsmanship and gift ideas

Our jewelry store in Turin boasts a wide assortment of handicraft items and many original gift ideas suitable for the most varied of events and circumstances.

Half a century of quality, elegance and emotion

For more than 50 years now, Urbini has been presenting the world with collections of the very finest jewelry anywhere. Customers like the fact that it is just so easy to find gift ideas here. Something that can truly bring a sense of amazement and wonder to a girlfriend, wife or anyone else that is precious to you.

The shop showcases, among other things, rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. These are made of high quality materials such as gold, white gold, silver and finely crafted gemstones.

For more informal occasions, where the decision to give a gift is perhaps less sentimental, the shop offers a selection of home decor items perfectly customizable according to customer requirements. This is a type of product particularly suitable for corporate gifts, rewards and anniversaries.

Because your time is precious

Thanks to the great care that goes into the production of the mechanisms as well as the technical wisdom at the root of their construction, these watches can hold their own among the most precious gemstones and the finest of jewelry. Do not miss out on our exhibit accessories, including timepieces from Baume & Mercier, Officina del Tempo, Hamilton, Breitling: precious gift ideas that offer more value to you when it comes to timekeeping.

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